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Discover True Host Bone Regeneration and why EthOss is trusted by a fast-growing number of clinicians and patients worldwide.
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Proven to grow healthy host bone with no graft particles left behind. Works with the body’s healing process by creating a calcium-rich environment and is completely absorbed.

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EthOss removes the need for donor grafts and artificial scaffolds. A built-in barrier eliminates the need for extra membranes and speeds up application. The result? Ethoss helps patients grow back their bone, with no graft particles left behind.

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100% synthetic bone graft material for dental implant surgery. No risk of cross-contamination.

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True Host Bone Regeneration means high patient satisfaction and reassuring reliability. No wonder it’s used by forward-thinking dental implantologists around the world.

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“EthOss is certainly one of the key drivers for how my implant practice has progressed over the years. A stunning concept executed exceptionally well by folks who 'get it'.”
Dr Dominic O'Hooley
united kingdom
“I adopted EthOss early into developing my surgical and implant skills. I was very surprised at how easy it is to use, it sets quickly, handles amazingly well, especially how you can get it to have a more flowable or more packable consistency. The best part is not needing a separate membrane for grafting, which makes the whole process smoother and less troublesome.”
Dr Haidar Al-Hassiny
New Zealand
“EthOss has revolutionised my implant surgery. It is more predictable than my previous materials and techniques, easier to use and allows the patient's own healing process to give the results I need.”
Dr Phil Barton
United Kingdom
“My EthOss journey started as I was looking for a great graft material that was simple to use, synthetic and would turn over to host bone on maturation. EthOss ticked all of the boxes and today I use it regularly in my practice.”
Dr Nikhil Kulkarni
“Around 2020 I discovered EthOss Bone Regeneration and have since been using it in a variety of clinical situations, from sinus augmentations and socket grafting to jump gap and a variety bone defects. Its ease of use, especially as no separate membrane is required, has reduced my surgery time and simplified procedures. This benefits both me and my patients greatly. I highly recommend getting EthOss as it can be very predictable, stress-free and straightforward to use.”
Dr William Edmeades
“The simplicity of EthOss is one of its merits. The fact that we do not need to harvest bone from the patient is another. With no need for membranes or concerns over exposure reduces the complexity, cost and failure risk of the procedure. Lastly, if you are starting out in implant surgery, it is an easy method for enhancing bone and providing stability for your implants.”
Dr andrew brown
New Zealand
“EthOss is the only bone regeneration material that follows biological principles. By eliminating the need for a membrane, it enables nutrition and remodeling of the augmentation right from the start. EthOss is uniquely malleable and stable in situ. It enables every implantology practice to improve the quality of the structure, process and results.”
dr achim sieper
“For the last 5 years, EthOss has been my favourite graft for full arch cases. It’s easy, predictable and stable even in severe atrophy.”
dr tomas stumbrys

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